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 Week 1: Jan.14 -21

Getting Started


Week 1: Getting Started


During the first week of the course, participants will:


  • exchange introductions and become familiar with the group environments
  • try tools for synchronous communication to be used during the workshop
  • add themselves to the group map
  • answer a survey to determine their previous experience with blogging
  • visit the group blog and add a comment on their goals for the session
  • discuss the concept of blogging (and distinguish it from "website"  and wiki )   
  • explore recommended blogs and reflect upon these models


  Extension: Blogging for ELT - Different kinds of blogs




Task 1 - Getting Started with Yahoogroups


a. Access our Yahoogroups Database and enter your data. (you need to click on "add your record") to help us organize information.


b. Add your photo to our album for participants at our YG.


c. Set your mailing preferences for our group. We strongly suggest "Daily digest" (this means you'll be getting just one message in your inbox for every 25 messages posted to the group).



Task 2 - Getting to Know Your Partners


a. Post a message to the group introducing yourself. Make sure to include the following information:


  • Your name and how you'd like the group to address you.
  • Your city and country of origin/residence
  • What you do - If you are an educator, what do you teach exactly? What ages and levels do you work with? If you're not a teacher, what led you to join this workshop?
  • If this is your first time at an EVO and if you're joining other EVO sessions.
  • Some personal information that will help everyone see there's a real human being behind your emails - Do you have an interesting hobby? A special skill? A terrible secret? ;-)) Share your uniqueness!


b. Reply to at least two introductions posted to the group

You could either highlight things in common between you and other partners, or ask them questions


c. Listen to our welcome message and learn who make up The Blogging Team. Do you have any questions for us? Post them to the group!


d. Add your photo and message to our Attendr map. Let's show how international our community is!



 Task 3 - Discussing Blogs


a. How much do you already know about blogging? Answer our introductory survey to help us find it out!


b. Read What Exactly is a Blog Anyway? (Carvin A., 2006)

If you don't know what a blog is, you're not alone; according to the Pew Internet & American Life Project, nearly two-thirds of Internet users don't have a good idea of the meaning of "blog".


c. Can you now tell the difference between a blog, a wiki and a website in your own words?

Check out our Blogging for Educators blog to find examples of these kinds of web sites.

Then, share your questions and ideas by posting a comment there.


d. Share your experience and reflections about blogging with the group on our Blogging for Educators blog.




Task 4 -  Going Further 


  • Visit our Pageflakes for optional readings, discussions and blogs of the week.




Office Hours - Synchronous Interaction



Join us at WiziQ on Thursday, January 17 - any time between 22 GMT and 23 GMT  for a short chat on your expectations for this workshop and your experience so far. We'll also be addressing any questions you have about the weekly tasks.


Visit http://www.timeanddate.com to check what time that is for you.


Make sure you register first at WiziQ.


If you have any problems accessing our live session, contact Carla Arena in Skype (ID: carlaarena) 



Our Session Online Spaces


Our Yahoo Group: main environment, message board for announcements and discussions

Our Pageflakes:  optional tasks, videos and podcasts

Our Wiki: syllabus, weekly tasks, weekly discussion threads and tutorials

Blogging for Educators Blog for group discussions




Surviving the First Days


Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Check our tips.





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